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  1. Character Name, Class, and Main Spec:
    Holy (51/5/15)
    Ret (0/17/54)
    Applying for position as raider (as probate) or a member/friend: Raider -Told to apply by Gufi

    Armory Link:

    1. Talent spec(s): discuss theorycrafting choices or dual talent spec experience as well as stats for other specs
    Holy-I mainly healed in the guild Ante Mortem. I specced the way I did because it is the best raid spec for a paly. It offers flexibility and performance. Pretty much divine plea and spam holy light will allow for the most efficient healing.
    Ret-This was my offspec but I have spent a lot of time into improving the gear I have. I understand the most efficient rotation and am always looking to better my playing style.
    As for both specs I consistently look at Elitist Jerks for updates and read about my class.

    2. List Professions you have and how they help your raid performance
    450/450 Mining -->Farming gold to buy consumables/repairs
    332/375 Jewel Crafting -->Just started leveling. Will allow high stat gems to be used.
    3. How long have you played WoW and what are your PvE accomplishments (include other toons if needed)?
    Since BC and I am through all content up to 25 uld where Ante Mortem was 13/14.
    4. How much do you PvP and how will it impact raiding?
    Not a lot and it will not impact raiding.
    5. How old are you? Maturity and dedication are of utmost importance. 18 is required with limited exceptions.
    20. I am mature and do not cause problems. I am here to help get the job done and enjoy the game at the same time.
    6. Where do you live (state/country) and what is the living arrangement (wife, children, dorm, etc)?
    Live in an apartment with 3 other medical students.
    7. Current occupation (outside of WoW) and does it create any scheduling issues with raiding?
    Medic/student. It should not create a problem.
    8. What guild and/or server are you coming from and why? What do you expect Xen of Onslaught to provide better? (Make sure to include your old guild or we could confuse it with you joining someone else).
    My old guild was Ante Mortem. The guild just split up and I am looking for a new raiding guild that understands the game and progresses fast. I believe that Xen gets the job done and does it at a fast pace.
    9. How did you hear about Xen? List any personal references within the guild and expect them to asked about your raiding ability or confirmation of for friend rank.
    Gufi. I ran os 25 today with him and said that I should apply.
    10. <What and how many consumables do you plan to have in preparation for each raid? What do you do when there is no fish feast?
    I have 5 flasks for each spec and 40X consumables in case there is no feast. I am always prepared to go.

    11. Our raid schedule can include Monday-Thursday from 7:00-11:00 PM CST (Sargeras Server time) with the occasional Sunday raid for progression (and sometimes skipping Tuesdays for farmed content or patch days). What would be your most likely scheduling conflict if any?
    Should be no conflicts.

    12. Submit a damage meter of some kind (or healing meter). If one is not available, explain why. (Tanks do dps too so don't use that as an excuse)
    Do not have one on hand.
    Heals:2.3k-3k depending on the fight.
    13. Provide a picture of your UI, preferably in Raid combat(at least in a 10-man) and a list addons that you use, so we know you can see those big colored rings of death appearing below your feet.
    I am on my laptop atm, but healing I use palypower, dbm, and a grid. For dps as ret I have never had a problem with threat but I use omen, dbm and palypower. I do not stand in the colored rings of death...they are pretty easy to move out of :)

    14. You are done unless you have any final comments to help out your application.Upon completing this application you will be assumed to understand and agree with the raiding policy as posted.

    I think I would make a great addition to Xen. Give me a shot and see what you think. Feel free to contact anyone with Ante Mortem over their head and they will tell you I was a core raider and can vouch I will do my job.
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    Watching over 150 nukes sitting in the ground
    im at work and can't look at armory, but i know ive done a pug or two with you before...

    so whats your percent overheal and why did you select divinity at the loss of crit? i personally don't think plea/divinity/holy light is the "most efficient" anything... sure the holy lights are decent enough amounts, but i find the loss in holy shock amounts to a loss in efficiency. (keep in mind this isn't seeing the stats via armory from a work computer)

    do you have a specific encounter you are referencing for those dps/hps values?
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    Would you feel comfortable switching to ret mainspec if we asked for it?
  4. I would not mind switching to ret...I would actually prefer it :)
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  5. Overheal is normally pretty high. I always sacred shield the target and I get aruond 6-8k flash of light crits. Holy light spam with divine plea hits 6-7k normal and 10-12k crit with the 50% healing reduction. I am just healing based off of what elitist jerks discusses in the forums and how I was asked to heal in my previous guild. I am open to trying anything. In the past I have also sacred shielded the target spammed flash of light and used holy shock every time its up. I find learning different rotations to be interesting and in no way am I saying I am right in my healing ways. I like discussing different ways to heal.
    *For my hps values the more raid dmg the higher hps I have do to holy light glyph and being able to single target holy shock target/ beacon.
    *For dps values the high end of the 3k includes BL being fully raid buffed/flasked/food. I will try to get a screen shot today with them.
  6. Here is dps ss from patchwork today in 25 naxx with the guild invalid.

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