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  1. Baylian

    1. What is your name? Aaron

    2. Your focus: PvP

    3. Why are you interested in joining this guild? Taz joine dmy guild then left to setup a chapter for you guys. So i'm joing Xen.

    4. Do you have any past experience with Xen of Onslaught? No

    5. How old you are ? 27

    6. Have any past experiences with MMOs? If so please give us the details. Hmmm started playing online since 1995 with the imagination network, Shadows of Yserbius(wiki it). Have played Asherons Call: Darktide server exclusively, for about 6+ years. PvP all the way. Played EQ, SB, Earth and Beyond, Star Wars Galaxies, Warhammer, AoC, RF Online, Currently playing TCOS and Eve Online. There are many more MMo's that i've played and beta'd but not listing anymore. Oh and of course WoW.

    7. What is your in game name for Chronicles? Baylian

    8. What is your character class? Adept

    9. Are you willing to help those members of the house and fellow guild members whenever you can? Of course not, i expect hand outs.*grins*

    10. What has you most interested about The Chronicles of Spellborn? Arena and PvP of course.
  2. Accepted
  3. Baylian

    Thanks Taz.:D

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