Application 25 Cleric Zikel-East

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Jeanrobert, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hi, I know you guys are closed but putting me on a waiting list would be nice ;-).

    1. Age (18+ Requirement): 21

    2. Name (Forum & IGN): Jeanrobert

    3. Class: 25 Cleric

    4. Do you have vent and a mic?: Yes and yes

    5. Previous gaming experience: 1 Year EQ, 5 years WoW

    6. Why did you chose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit? You guys will probably be the top pve/pvp guild and I love to win at video games so I think ill be a good addition.

    7. What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member? I play alot and I am willing to help for the guilds sake with anything like farming and all that good stuff.

    8. Do you have a referal?: I asked 2 members of your guild for the website ( Dont remember the name )

    9. A little bit about yourself: Used to study in Law in Montreal, now Im a internet poker player with alot of free time and no more girlfriend ;-).

    10. Activity Level? (hrs/week - 30hrs min): 30+

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