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    work for the ncas
    Character Name: Imilkonu, Class: Druid, and Main Spec:Resto
    Applying for position as raider (probate), member, or friend: Raider
    Armory Link:

    1. Discuss your spec(s); did you pick up something outside of normal theorycrafting or have a dual talent spec? my dual spec is feral or boomkin i have gear for both

    2. Do you have offspec sets to complement dual spec assignments or even just a trinket change for certain encounters? What stats do you have different for these sets. yes i do have complet offspec set

    3. Professions: Do you have raid enhancing professions or gathering ones? What does your profession provide you for raid utility? (Max professions are an important boost to raiding) i have 450 alchemy and i am an elixir mater and have 450 herbalism

    4. How long have you played WoW? List your raiding accomplishments and time played. Raid Experience on "old Mains" included. I have been playing for about 4 years time played on this toon is 51 days.
    Serpent Shrine Cavern
    Naxx (10 man)
    Naxx (25 man)
    Obsidian Sanctum (10 man)
    Obsidian Sanctum (25 man)
    Obsidian Sanctum (25 man + 1D and 2D) -
    5. How much do you PvP? Is it a priority of your time playing? don't pvp much and if i do its just for fun

    6. How old are you? Maturity and dedication are of utmost importance. 18 is required with limited exceptions. i am 27

    7. Where do you live (state/country) and what is the living arrangement (wife, children, dorm, etc)? i live in virgina, i have a little girl she life and i have a girlfend

    8. Current occupation (outside of WoW)? What kind of hours do you put in? 9-5 work for ncis

    9. What guild and/or server are you coming from and why? What do you expect Xen of Onslaught to provide better? (Make sure to include your old guild or we could confuse it with a guild you have joined). i am in impact at this time JUST LOOKING GET TO SEE ENDGAME CONTENT a

    10. How did you hear about Xen? List any personal references within the guild and expect them to asked about your raiding ability or confirmation of for friend rank. I KNOW KAMEK that is how i know about your guild

    11. <Xen of Onslaught> strives to maintain a top end raid progression. What and how many consumables do you plan to have in preparation for each raid? Specific amounts and types preferred.100 reagent and 50 pots and flask

    12. Our raid schedule can include Monday-Thursday from 7:00-11:00 PM CST (Sargeras Server time) with the occasional Sunday raid for progression (and sometimes skipping Tuesdays for farmed content or patch days). What would be your most likely scheduling conflict if any? NO the raid schedule is fine with me:)

    13. Please list any thoughts or concerns you have on the Raid Policy as upon completing this application you will be assumed to understand and agree with them unless stated here. We are always open to considering new ways of doing things.nop nothing

    14. All classes and specs should submit a wws or screenshot of a damage meter (a 2nd shot of your personal breakdown of attacks is also helpful as it shows your rotation) for dps, tps, and hps. We keep wws reports for 1 month and will use them as a last resort to determine how to help people improve. If one is not available, explain why.

    15. Provide a picture of your UI, preferably in Raid combat(at least in a 10-man) and a list addons that you use, so we know you can see those big colored rings of death appearing below your feet.

    16. You are done unless you have any final comments to help out your application.
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    Watching over 150 nukes sitting in the ground
    following in-game interview, accepted on probation (starting tuesday when you aren't saved to raids)

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