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  1. worship

    1. Age (18+ Requirement): 30
    2. Name (IGN): Worship of Zikel
    3. Class: Cleric
    4. Level (lvl 20+ requirement): 21
    5. Do you have vent and a mic?: yes
    6. Previous gaming experience:
    been playing MMOs for 7-8 years now. FFXI, eve, wow, eq2 a bit, AoC a bit, city of heroes / villains, numerous beta involvements. Have had lot of experience with and in guilds as officer positions and as a member. Have run a guild for about a year in wow a few years back - through all content at time, approx 50 people with 4 supporting officers.

    I almost always play healers in MMOs. I am good at it and willing to prove it.

    7. Why did you choose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit:?
    I recently rerolled (Friday just passed) as Elyos from Azphel asmo side. The guild me and my bf were in was not a good fit at all. They would not allow us to craft at all, had an effective tax rate of >90%. Additionally I believe they were involved in RMT trading. So I ditched my 25 sorc and here I am as a cleric to stay on my new home Zikel.

    I've been looking about the forums and asking people I met in game over the last couple of days and Xen seems like a solid choice. In fact one of your members described it to me as 'well organized and the best guild ive been in in a long time'. That's good enough for me. I'd like to be part of what you've got going on.

    8. What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member?

    Since my char has been rolled (3 days) I've got to 21, got my armorsmithing, weaponsmithing and alchemy to 80-100 and my gathering up to 85 in prep for T2 zones. I am an avid crafter, enjoy pvp, like playing with others (i respond to 'hey we need a healer for...'

    9. Do you have a referal?:

    I grouped today with twincleave, one of your members. He isn't an official referral but you can ask him what I'm like as we spent a lot of time killing that big ol' boss in the vert elite area.

    10. A little bit about yourself:

    I am 30 years old. I write software for the federal government. I have 2 border collies. I am gay (but enjoy a joke and am not an asshat) and live with my BF who is also applying for the guild.

    11. Activity Level? (hrs/week - 30hrs min):

    should meet requirement no bother. On rare occasion i may dip below due to work requirements but thats not likely at all.

    12. Apply to usergroup:

    I applied to the Aion (NA) usergroup

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