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    New Members:

    Q. How old are you?

    __i'm prolly old than most or your parents, lol, i'm 57 yrs old

    Q. What gaming experience do you have?

    A. i played daoc for 6 years, was the co-leader of drakar strykers(tint cluster )for 2 yrs(it was the second largest guild on midgard)

    Q. What is the name / class / level of your character(s)?

    A. crupp=lvl 40 dot spec sorc, dym=lvl 40 dps spec black orc

    Q. Do you have a mic?

    A. yes

    Q. Have you been part of any other guilds in WAR? If yes, what guild(s)?

    _yes, fury unleashed, and afflicted(was guild officer)

    Q. Why do you want to join Xen?

    __i want to play with an active guild in an active alliance, that still likes to play in pve,sc's, and orvr,with good folks.

    Q. Do you have a referal?

    A. monulic, lewtz
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  2. Ronjac

    send you in game message for interview
  3. Torrhel

    Sep 23, 2009
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    I live close to the beach in nc
    FYI for Ronjac: This fella is my hubby. The man who sits across the room from me and adventures ingame with me too. He's not so computer savvy as some. Will hook up his vent and /as forum registration tomorrow.


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