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  1. 1. Age (18+ Requirement): 23
    2. Name (Forum & IGN): Luminescent in forum, keeping IGN private so people don't take it!
    3. Class: Cleric
    4. Do you have vent and a mic?: Indeed
    5. Previous gaming experience: Asheron's Call, Everquest, Ragnarok, FFXI, Shin Megami Tensei Online, RF Online (Was in XoO), Age of Conan, Lineage II, WoW, I probably forgot some, lets just say ive been on MMOs since i was 13, now I'm 23.
    6. Why did you chose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit: 1st off, my friend Moonlight (Forum name) has joined you guys, and obviously I would like to follow. I was in XoO when RF Online was in the hands of Codemasters and had a good time while it lasted. Besides those 2 reasons, you are big on PVP and PVE and I have been told you take them seriously, but not like hitler would. I have a very very thin tolerance for idiots that waste my time, such as people that go to a raid and decide to afk to cook a steak and then visit their parents, meanwhile the guild waits for their return. Also, I can't stand people that make stupid mistakes, or the same mistakes repeatedly that cause the raid to be haulted. As far as I am away, XoO is a group that will feel this way as well. I am not in any way nazi in the way of video games, I am simply saying that I like things to be done right.
    7. What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member?: I bring a positive attitude, and a hardcore playstyle. I play very often, and always play to win. You will not see me settling for 2nd best. I will aid in any way I can to members that are known to be trustworthy, and happily aid lower level members. I am the type of person that will take math and calculations and formulas to maximize DPS and other things like that. I am a veteran MMORPG player with 10 years of experience. I bring a lot of patience and skill.
    8. Do you have a referal?: Moonlight (forum name) We both have the same general ideas and playstyles when gaming. I am however a little more outspoken, while he tends to be the quieter type. Put us together in PVP and we are a deadly force.
    9. A little bit about yourself: I'm unemployed for the moment so I have lots of playing time. I am looking into education for jobs in the computer tech field, as well as graphics design for video gaming. My hobbies are gaming, and taking care of my wide variety of pets. I enjoy fishing, and biking for the occasional exercise. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, who is also a gamer, so she understands my dedication to a guild and does not hissy fit when I am online.
    10. Activity Level? (hrs/week): 8 hrs a day x 7 days a week!
    11. Apply to usergroup: Aion North America division

    Bottom line is, I know you guys are full, but I assume some spots will open when people don't show on opening day. If you don't grab me day one, it's cool. I will make a good addition to the guild, and would appreciate it if you grab me sooner or later. I don't think you would regret it. GL guys, and see ya in Aion!
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