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    1. Age (18+ Requirement): 23
    2. Name (IGN): Razah
    3. Class: Templar
    4. Level (lvl 20+ requirement): 26
    5. Do you have vent and a mic?: Yes.
    6. Previous gaming experience: Played alot of Guild Wars in XoH and RoX (XoO) and a little bit of WoW and WAR.
    7. Why did you choose XoO / Why do you think you'll be a good fit?: I used to be in XoO Guild Wars division and I absolutly loved the experience. If the Aion XoO experience is anything like what I experienced in Guild Wars then it's going to be a great fit!
    8. What will you contribute to the guild / How will you improve our guild and be a valued member?: Aion is the first real MMO I realy love and I will be playing alot in the next months/years. I'm always ready to help someone or join a group. Can't wait to play in the Abyss and do instances!
    9. Do you have a referal?: I don't realy know anyone in the Aion Division but I guess anyone who played in the Guild Wars division while I was there could vouch in my favor. My main character in Guild Wars was "Nightfall Goddess" and I played as a monk.
    10. A little bit about yourself: I'm from Quebec, Canada. Speak French and English. I'm a computer network administrator and programmer and that's what I do for a living right now. I'm planning on going to University of Ottawa next year but still got a few things to figure out. Other than that, I love playing good games with good stories. That's probably why I don't like most MMOs but Guild Wars and Aion both have great stories.
    11. Activity Level? (hrs/week - 30hrs min): 30hrs is the amount of time I play but with players always ready to group this could very well go up to 40hrs. And since the queus seems to be a thing of the past I don't see how I won't be playing this game everyday!
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    Thank you for your application. You will be notified when we have space available. =)

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