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  1. Kenegdo

    Age (18+ Requirement): 29

    Name (Forum & IGN): Kenegdo (for both)

    Class: Gladiator (maybe templar if the guild is very short)

    Do you have vent and a mic?: Ofcourse

    Previous gaming experience: WoW for 2 years
    AoC for 6 months
    WAR for 6 months
    dabbled in CoH, LOTRO, and EVE

    Why did you chose XoO:
    I was the GM of the guild TKT in Warhammer. We fought against numerous guilds in WAR but of all the guilds we fought there were only a scant few that really stuck out in my mind as being well run and mature players. XoO was one of those rare guilds.

    Do you have a referal?: I don't, but it wouldnt surprise me if some of your older WAR players remembered Kenegdo (and TKT) from Averheim.

    A little bit about yourself: Well, i'm 29, married w/ 2 kids. I'm an officer in the army reserve and I bartend for shits and giggles. As a result I keep somewhat irregular hours, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how guilds look at it. I'm a night owl, but I also play a good deal during the day. I'm very laid back, however, I also put a lot of time and energy into every game I play. Thus, when I'm looking for a guild I specifically look to places where I know every member is expected to pull their own weight.
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