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  1. Wabnab

    New Members:

    Q. How old are you?

    A. 18 years old.

    Q. What gaming experience do you have?

    A. I have been a video gamer since I can ever remember. I was first introduced to MMOs with Earth and Beyond, after which I moved to DAOC for a few months. I became really interested in the PvP aspect of MMOs after playing Eve Online, which eventually led to my interest in WAR.

    Q. What is the name / class / level of your character(s)?

    A. As discussed, I recently moved from Phoenix due to the lack of population on the destruction side, which explains my very low rank.

    Wabnab / Choppa / 11

    Q. Do you have a mic?

    A. Yes.

    Q. Have you been part of any other guilds in WAR? If yes, what guild(s)?

    A. Even though I joined a guild or two when I first started playing, I can't really say I have been a part of a fully fledged guild.

    Q. Why do you want to join Xen?

    A. The focus on PvP, the amount of players that you have online, and the general attitude of the players after speaking with them on Vent.

    Q. Do you have a referral?

    A. Besides my conversation with Steelshanks on Vent, I do not have a referral.

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