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  1. Succor

    # Age (18+ Requirement): 23
    # Name (Forum & IGN):Succor

    # Class: Shaman

    # Do you have vent and a mic?:Affirmative

    # Previous gaming experience:

    First MMO: EQ - Was really young when I played this game and really tried to get into it, but that game was very slow and hard to play for someone so young. I still played for about 2 years and had a level 40 druid though haha

    Second MMO: DAoC - This was by far my favorite MMO. I have all kinds of 50's and at one point was in the race for being leader of RP's. I really wish this game could make a comeback

    Third MMO: SWG - just kind of dabbled with this game, it wasnt fun at all to me. Basically you could macro everything and thats pretty stupid

    Fourth WoW: Played WoW for about 3 years. level 70 priest, level 70 rogue, level 70 warrior. Was part of a very well organized raiding guild, and had a pretty descent 3v3 arena rating of 2100.

    # Why did you chose XoO: Actually just the other day I was looking up guilds on the badlands server and stumbled across XoO. I really enjoy that XoO has a lot of experience with other games, an age requirement, and a mandatory vent policy. Communication is crucial in RvR and I am glad you have this rule.

    # Do you have a referal?: I do not, but have already spoken to Druchai in game (been accepted).

    # A little bit about yourself: Well after messing around with the whole military and construction thing I got smart. I am now going to school full time and working full time, which sucks right now, but will pay off in the long run. I like to party on the weekends, so if i come into vent and im drunk dont be surprised (dont worry im just funny, not a dick). Also, recently I have become kind of a Gym Rat with my off time, but maybe XoO will calm that down a bit.

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