XoO in Planetside
About a year after Planetside 1 release XoO had formed a sizeable and dominant force on the Emerald server for PS1. XoO was 3rd overall on the server across all factions for outfit points and 2nd for the Vanu faction. Now if we take into account outfit points per member population it becomes a bit different with XoO being the dominant guild for the Vanu faction placing us at the #1 spot and second overall across all factions.

Planetside 2 Rankings
XoO has once again established itself as a top guild in gaming by being the #1 ranked outfit in Planetside 2 for Waterson, ranked #2 in the US and ranked #5 worldwide.

Stats taken March of 2013.

A year and a half after release and XoO is still #1 on the Waterson.

Stats taken March 2014.

Guild Wars 2006 World Championship Playoffs
Xen of Onslaught participated in the Guild Wars 2006 championship tournament and was one of 8 U.S. based guilds to participate. XoO lost the match against - Patient Relaxed People (8) vs. Xen of the Onslaught Ladder (9), but gained respect as a top GvG clan by simply participating in the glorious event.

Guild Wars (GotW) Interview
Interview conducted by Guild Wars developers.

Originally Posted by Guild Wars Article
One of XoO's more memorable battles took place during a GvG match, while using a "Grab 8 and Go" setup. The characters that arrived for the battle included three Warrior/Rangers, a Mesmer/Necromancer, a Warrior/Elementalist, a Necromancer/Elementalist, a Ranger/Mesmer, and a Monk/Necromancer who focused on Smiting, as opposed to Healing or Protection Prayers.

The match continued in this way, with XoO gaining the Morale Bonus and pushing their foes to maximum Death Penalty. As the battle finally drew to a close, XoO found themselves the victors, showing that it is not always the planning or the build that wins the battle, but often the skill of the players involved.

Fragcast Interview

Interview from Fragcast with dash and other members of Xenate

Warhammer Featured Guild
One of 10 featured beta guilds in Mythic's Warhammer Online. The article was also featured on IGN's Warhammer Online Vault - article found here.

Originally Posted by Mythic Article
Xen of Onslaught first made its presence felt in WAR during the Empire vs. Chaos focus test in February 08'. They quickly earned the respect of some of their fellow players and joined the Retribution Alliance during the next focus. It wasn't long before many players were flocking to the XoO banner. The guild now has over 100 members in beta with many more waiting for Open Beta / Live. The XoO Community has participated in many Betas and is honored to have the opportunity to help test one of this year’s most anticipated MMOs.

image from Mythic article

Warhammer Retribution Alliance #1
An image taken from community forums. Retribution alliance, the #1 alliance on Badlands and quite possibly across the entire Warhammer scene.

Warhammer Retribution Alliance First to Capture Altdorf
Written by a fansite StuntyStomper the article details the Retribution alliance, with Xen of Onslaught and a handful of other guilds being the first to capture Altdorf. Another article written by wagghwordpress can be found here.

Originally Posted by Marc Jacobs of Mythic
*Assuming* that no exploits were used and that destruction didn’t take advantage of any of the things that will be fixed/tweaked in the next patch, then they deserve congratulations for the first taking of a city. I’ll get the full scoop on this this week.

Now, as to the whole 2AM thing, well, if you want to play an RvR game, there will be times where one side will have a numbers advantage and they will use that advantage. The fact that this is the only city that has been taken out of our 55 servers means that the system is certainly not broken, borked or really messed up. If this had already happened on just our high pop servers, well, then maybe we’d be a little worried but we are 3 weeks since the game’s launch and a city has been taken on only one server. From what I’ve heard, destruction got real organized and did what a large organized force would do against a non-organized (not disorganized since there is no inherent overall organization unless the players make it so) force, they defeated that force. We will look at all the data, look at what’s going in 1.0.3 and if we need to make some new tweaks, we certainly will do so but again, a city has only been taken on one server so far in 3 weeks.

What amuses me about some of the stuff people have been saying is that on one hand, people say “Gimme more open RvR!” but on the other hand *some* people are saying “But it’s not fair, they had more people than us!” and at the same time some people are saying “We hate scenarios!” If you want a true open RvR game then you should not complain about numerical or time-of-day advantages in terms of “Mythic FIX!” This is why it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to satisfy all the different needs/wants of the players. We can’t make sure that all realms have the exact same population no matter what we do even if we were draconian in our efforts. No MMORPG of this type (DAoC, WoW, etc.) has ever had an exact 50/50 split and I doubt any will. We can’t force the players to all log on to the game at the same time. If we were to say that city sieges could only happen during a certain time then we would still have people complaining, saying “It’s our time Mythic, let us attack it when we damn well want to!!!” or “Our alliance can’t get things going until late at night and Mythic is stopping us from attacking!!!!” and if we buffed up the defenses like crazy, people would say “OMG, now nobody has to defend the city, this isn’t fair. This isn’t an RvR game!” etc. People have been saying “Where’s the war in WAR Mythic????” and now that a very organized group has taken a city without exploiting (apparently), now some people are saying “OMG, you mean we could lose because they were more organized and willing to fight? That sucks!”

Again, I’m not saying that the taking of Altdorf was perfect, done beautifully, working as intended, etc. since I don’t have all that data yet. I’m also not saying that after looking at the data we aren’t going to tweak things. However, I will say that if destruction did everything they needed to do lead up to the siege *properly* and then took it over a 7 hour period, that was a pretty special event. And in the coming weeks as we add more rewards and incentives for defending a city as well as the disincentives, I hope that people will more readily leap to the defense of their cities if they come under siege.

As to the whole “But we didn’t know about city being under siege thing” well, I’ll talk to the team this week and make sure that the notification systems that are in the game currently are working as they should be and even if they are, I’ll do a review and see if they need to be buffed up some more. However, if people don’t want to leave what they are currently doing in order to defend their cities, that is their choice not ours. We’ll provide the incentives/disincentives for participating in the defense of a city but it is, as always, up to the players to make their own choices about this aspect of the game.
Link to the Marc Jacobs statement can be found here.

League of Legends Riot Supported Tournament
Riot donated hundreds of dollars worth of Riot points that can be used in the hit game League of Legends for the XoO-hosted LoL tournament.

League of Legends #1 on TWL Ladders
Our LoL division has maintained #1 spot on TWL for quite some time and has dominated the competitive circuit for LoL.

London: First to take down Nightmare Sydonai
Xen of Onslaught does a world first by taking down Nightmare Sydonai in Hellgate London. Steelshanks, mercsan, and Kyoji were among 3 of the 5 participants.

Rising Force Online MMOSite Interview
MMOSite interviews XoO's RFO division.

Call of Duty 4 #1 TWL 4v4 Sabotage
Our COD4 division takes #1 in the TWL ladder for 4v4 Sabotage.

WoW (NA - Sargeras) #1
Our WoW division takes the number one spot on the server for 10 man hard mode raiding. The group moves up to just under 500 in the world rankings that contain millions of people and a crap ton of guilds.

TERA (EU) Division gains 1st Vanarch
Our TERA (EU) division was among the first to obtain the first vanarchy rule in the game. With the division CO apointed as the king and ruler of Val Tirkai.

Aion (NA) #1 Ranked on the server
During our prime time in Aion (NA) We battled it out with many other strong guilds to become number one on the server in abyss point rankings and maintained it for a few months until many left for new games on the horizon such as RIFT.

Star Wars Galaxies FIRST City
When the developers released cities to the public Xen of Onslaught was the very first guild to claim a city. Likewise XoO was also the first to hold a Major in the game thanks to the city claim. Xen of Onslaught would then go on to become feared and renowned as one of the premier guilds in SWG.

ArcheAge Online NA/EU First Mansion
Thanks to the coordianted efforts of our members we managed to be the first on the NA/EU release of the game to both place and fully build a Guild Mansion requiring 1,000 Gilda only a week into the game. The next mansion was built by FoE 2 weeks later.

ArcheAge Online Server First Mansion
Soon after our NA/EU first mansion we decided to tackle the Kraken. Right after they buffed the Kraken, the most terrifying world boss in the game to date, we managed to defeat it with ease and once again throw our names into the "first" of many achievements to come.

ArcheAge Online Server First Castle Claimed, Defended, and Sieged
As Auroria opened a month into the game we prepared ourselves for the onslaught in the area over special mining nodes which would be used to create and claim a guild castle. There are onl 4 on the server to start and everyone wants to get one. Many people tried, but only we managed to do it first. Our preparation and planning was astounding, our coordination top notch and our PvP prowess was on fire. We defeated our enemies and pushed them out while we gained the resources needed to claim our castle. We were first on the server and one of the, if not the first, worldwide to claim a castle. Then three weeks later we successfully defended our castle as well as participated in the only siege on our server.

ArcheAge Online Black Pearl
Xen of Onslaught completed yet another first by being the first guild on the server to have and operate a Black Pearl ship. The best ship in the game at the time, mostly unobtainable without a TON of effort, is now ours!

ArcheAge Online Server First Morpheus kill.
Xen of Onslaught completed yet another first by downing Morpheus. This was the 5th server/world first we had achieved in ArcheAge. With Morpheus down we have gained the next level in Dream Ring and are the only people on our server to have the upgraded version available. The progression of content as both a dominant PvP and PvE force continues. Stay tuned for even more server firsts and other badassery.

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