1. After a long week....
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo I introduce to you WRECKINGBALL! Our newest member on our conquest to the top!

    Thank you everyone, big shout out to @Snowman and @Haedien for coming back to help out finishing up this massive task. Really shows a ton of Esprit De Corps that many of us are lacking around here!

    Great job all!

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  2. Back on front page!
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo WE DID IT BOYS AND GIRLS.

    After a long hard fought battled to regain lost footing in the top guild domain. The Black Desert Boys with their ton of dedication that should be admired throughout Xen of Onslaught has finally pushed themselves back to the front page!

    Great work team!!!!

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  3. Chronicles of Elyria; Official Pre-Division Meeting.
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo The meeting will be held on Saturday July 16th, at 3pm EDT (12pm PDT.)

    We have been working on gauging interest within the community and also testing the waters in the established CoE community to see if there is enough interest to make this Division happen.

    At this point we have an offer to join a kingdom, and an interview set with Bicycle Walrus, one of the biggest CoE promoters and a part of the youtube channel DM21 Gaming which has over 8k subscribers.

    This game is something that could be huge for this community and huge for MMO's as a whole.

    We have picked a road to follow in this game, one which allows us to cement a very powerful role in the CoE community and also allows some of our more PVP oriented players the ability to engage in large scale warfare or 1 on 1 sneaking assassinations.

    It will also allow our PvE minded members to enjoy the full benefits that CoE has to offer. (There is also the ability for some of our RP centric members to wet their feet with.)

    It has come to the point where we need to organize leadership and officially record members who are interested.

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  4. XoO Community Meeting! Saturday July 30th at 3pm EST
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo We will be having a community meeting on Saturday July 30th at 3pm EST.

    We will discuss recent changes in division leadership and supported/unsupported divisions.

    We will also discuss new/upcoming games that we have been looking at, and some new ones that have shown up on our radar!


    Yes we will be going! (not as many people as i had hoped.) We need to make a roadmap so that Arc, Darktide, and myself can make sure we get information on games the community is interested in.

    I think we also need to discuss the community as a whole and who we see ourselves as and where we see ourselves going.

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  5. No Man's Sky Went Gold Today
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo No Man's Sky went Gold today.

    That means the game is finished and is ready to ship. The game releases August 9th.

    I will probably play this game and update the Chronicles of Elyria channel to include No Man's Sky as well. If you wanna play this game come join the channel.

    We are playing all kinds of small games while some of us wait for CoE to release.
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