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  1. Remyogic
    A bold warrior may be lucky, but no warrior can be lucky unless he is bold.
  2. Rughadjeen
    Balrahn Eidolon
  3. Celestiella
  4. Kyrkos
    Usually Awake
  5. vladimir m
    vladimir m
    BDO group on Cyrus account
  6. firestarsolo
    1. Ronin
      Hey you Turds If your still around msg me
      Jul 21, 2017
  7. Tombfyre
  8. Gottcha
    Gottcha Ironjaw
    Hey I wanted you to know for now I'm not coming to nodewars. I'm focusing all efforts to get to 60, my health issues, and family. Then I'll be coming.
  9. Ezenkrul
    @jangalangz there is a discord hyperlink next to the FAQ and Contact us slighty up in the middle.
  10. jangalangz
    Whoops, thought this was the search bar xD
  11. jangalangz
  12. Ironjaw
    Ironjaw NottImpressive
    hey put in an app for bdo or jump in ts to chat if you are still playing bdo
  13. Ironjaw
    Ironjaw Tiranis
    you cannot message this user
  14. Ezenkrul
  15. Ani
    Streaming Valhalla hills. atm
  16. Daymo
  17. Daymo
  18. GhostReaper
    GhostReaper Kyoji
    Ghost here
    1. Efi
      Don't do it! He bites!
      Mar 5, 2017
    2. GhostReaper
      i like bites
      Mar 5, 2017
  19. Cylar
    Wow, it's been a while!
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    2. PersonalRiot
      Just peeking in? : P How have you been?
      Mar 7, 2017
  20. Asin