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  1. Rstawing
  2. Foreen
  3. Melba Walsh
  4. Varitas
    We got a good crew in Atlas! Come join us.
  5. Kure.
  6. Varitas
  7. Psycula
  8. Varitas
  9. Whammy
  10. Whammy
  11. Whammy
  12. Calabane
    Hi. Playing Bless but probably not too seriously... Calsifur IGN, IronRedSix on Discord.
    1. Calabane
      Changed Discord back to Calabane...
      Jun 6, 2018
  13. Myschievous
    Looking forward to Bless
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  14. Myschievous
    Myschievous Guice
    Hi welcome back. Just go to Join us and in the tab go to join game group and join bless please
  15. Serverus
    Knowledge is the key to success, humility is the key to respect.
  16. Rhana
    Always be yourself - unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn :)
  17. Toepeka
    Not that new anymore
  18. Thor
    Thor Mose
    hi sir this is thor how are you
  19. Thor
    Thor Mose
    hi sir been a long time hit me me up thor
  20. Thor
    Thor Mose
    hi sir how are you