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  1. The Cox
    The Cox
    rawr, grr grr, raw, rawr ^-^
  2. Ironjaw
    Putting together a crew for WoW xpac hit me up bigt983#1461
  3. Darvos
  4. Babilonilouco
    Currently without a gaming PC.
  5. Ginko
    Ginko Kyoji
    Go ahead and invite my alt Rollo to guild. I am currently doing shadow work on my main.
  6. XStunnaX
    XStunnaX Drag
    Hey man long time no talk, hope life is good.
  7. PersonalRiot
    Two weeks; almost here >: D Hyped!
  8. Hoban
    Can also find me on psn ID nu_shu.
  9. Ciza
    BDO PVP server opens tomorrow , see forum
  10. kinetic medic
    kinetic medic
    Yawn.... how XoO do?
    1. DARKTIDE!!
      We doing. Bit of a slow down, but guys are playing FF14 again. GW2 again, and we just had the XOO meetup at pax that was just Arc, Ani, Me, and some others. Will post up all the pictures once I get home home.
      Sep 5, 2017
  11. Remyogic
    A bold warrior may be lucky, but no warrior can be lucky unless he is bold.
  12. Rughadjeen
    Balrahn Eidolon
  13. Celestiella
  14. Kyrkos
    Usually Awake
  15. vladimir m
    vladimir m
    BDO group on Cyrus account
  16. firestarsolo
    1. Ronin
      Hey you Turds If your still around msg me
      Jul 21, 2017
  17. Tombfyre
  18. Gottcha
    Gottcha Ironjaw
    Hey I wanted you to know for now I'm not coming to nodewars. I'm focusing all efforts to get to 60, my health issues, and family. Then I'll be coming.
  19. Ezenkrul
    @jangalangz there is a discord hyperlink next to the FAQ and Contact us slighty up in the middle.
  20. jangalangz
    Whoops, thought this was the search bar xD