1. Revelation Online.... Why not?
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Server: Darkfall

    Hey guys!

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  2. Multi-media XoO
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Hey everyone! If anyone has been wondering what our lovely community has been up to as well as tuning in at work. I got some great information to put out there for all of you when it comes to multi-media.

    Our very own Swifthawk has been doing a podcast where he discusses many different games out there on air that you can tune into while at work. To locate him go to www.doombrowski.com/podcast and give him a tune in.

    As well as Efitall has been doing a ton of Overwatch streaming at her channel:
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  3. Veterans Unite (Memories)
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Accolades we have garnered will never be forgotten but the true test of a great guild is the people and friendships built throughout the years. I am happy to say that after 10 years of service I am still here as well as many others. We are glad to have you.

    That being said...

    I think it is high time someone reached out to all of our veteran force from games past and invite them back into the fold. We have gained and lost many valuable members and long time veterans throughout the years and I want to take this chance to invite you back into the fold.
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  4. Congrats Nok! First lvl 61 in Guild!
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo
    I know I am a couple days late but just wanted to say congrats @noksukow for banging it out! Your grinding prowess (aka insanity) helps to keep the guys motivated to keep pumping out the levels. Maybe @Castywho @Jardaan @RINGSNOW or @Venom722 will be next. Good work Nok and everyone else keep it up!

    We are now fielding nearly 60 members for node wars, once everyone catches up and gears up we will be a in great spot!
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  5. Crowfall Guild Spotlight
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    Join the usergroup and crusade for greatness today! Time to re-kindle friendships forged in the blood of battle.

    Thanks to @Trice for pointing this out to me.
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