1. It's that time again!
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    For those who haven't heard of Extra-Life before here's the quick explanation: On November 7th, gamers across the nation (I think globe, but not 100%) have pledged to participate in a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. When you sign up you can specify which one, in my case I support Boston Children's Hospital. Starting sometime on the 7th you will begin your gaming and continue it through for 24 hours (you can do it on other days or even break it up, we know not everyone has the stamina for it) and if possible you also stream your gaming to the world.

    Like last year, I'm shooting to raise at least $1000 personally, and am on a team that my coworkers will also possibly be joining (need to get some awareness setup there too). Last year we raised over $1100 for charity, had a blast playing a ton of games, including Hatoful Boyfriend, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle, FFXIV, Guns of Icarus, and many many more.

    As XoO we had three streamers participating, and this year I'd like to see even more of us participating!

    Below please see our current list of participants as well as their streaming channel, current funds raised, and what games they plan to play (Note: you don't have to make it video games, it can be board games, or any kind of gaming that catches your fancy... I'd love to see a marathon DnD or Shadowrun game go for 24 hours... major props to that GM btw)

    So find it in your hearts, pledge your time, or if you have it, your money to this awesome cause and tune in on the 7th as once more we plunge into this fantastic event!

    Let's get our Game On Folks!

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  2. Alexander Savage 2 Clear
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Team Omega's clear video for Alexander Savage 2

    Congratulations to Omega on the clear!

    See you in game
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  3. Heavensward Early Access Live Streams - Friday 4 a.m. EST
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Hey everyone,

    As we are approaching FFXIV: Heavensward, I wanted all of you to know that we will have two major streams going on at the same time!

    I will be streaming on youtube at


    Here is a taste of FFXIV: Heavensward: The official launch trailer

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  4. Great time on tuesday tournaments
  5. 5/10 Mythic. Another Mythic Boss Down
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo After the holiday week we came back with another new boss down as Flamebender bit the dust. Looking to knock out Kromog next and then on to the Choo Choo man Operater Thogar before most likely moving on to 6.2 and the new instance! More pics to come...

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