1. Live Stream Update for Star Citizen
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    Star Citizen Live Update


    Check Out The Many Exciting Updates:
    The Idris frigate is currently being finished by Foundry 42 in the UK. They’ve sent along these work in progress shots of the interior. Expect to see more of the Idris in the new year!

    Check Out The Pegasus Escort Carrier:
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  2. LIVE - Archeage with Calabane on Twitch - Follow Now!
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    Follow this Archeage Stream.​
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  3. Another Sucessful Siege!
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo A big thanks everyone who made a effort to be at the siege. We have many players from all over the world in our Archeage Division and it is with great pride that I stood on the castle walls with you all. Congratulations on yet another successful siege! Hopefully next time the cowards will actually have the courage to die on the battlefield before submitting to us in defeat.

    Despite buying the siege scroll ourselves and giving it to our enemies (Latinus). They still did not have the gonads to siege us. Instead they gave it to one of their allies (Ironfist) who thought it was a great idea to start the siege and not show up despite not being committed to other sieges.

    We however once again made the best of it and prepared ourselves for anything and practiced siege mechanics and took the fight to the enemy. At least we had plenty of time to line up for another great guild photo. Thanks Everyone!

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  4. H1Z1 Division Recruitment is now Live
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Hello Everyone,

    As some of you may have heard in the last community meeting, we now have an upcoming new division for H1Z1. H1Z1 is a zombie apocalypse, survival game that is going to open early access on January 15th, 2015. Imagine that H1Z1 is a combination of DayZ and Rust but with a more survival focus with a good balance of PvP.

    We are Happy to finally announce that a H1Z1 Division is now open for recruitment. Everyone is welcome to apply and we will begin reviewing and accepting members immediately.

    We are using the time up until launch to build up our numbers and develop the XoO Empire into H1Z1.

    Current Plans are to quickly learn the game mechanics and then begin exploring the bases and how the survival aspect of this game will function. We intend on being the controlling force on the server that we end up on. Currently a very limited amount of information is available so these plans will likely change on the day of Early Access.

    Please remember to Join the H1Z1 Game Group on the forums as well as apply to the division!

    To apply to join the H1Z1 Division, click the following link:
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  5. 2014 Annual XoO Awards NOMINATE NOW!
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    2014 Annual XoO Awards

    Please post your nominations below in the form of a reply to this thread. Copy/Paste the category then place your member nominees below each listing. Please read the bulleted points carefully and only nominate for those you are allowed to nominate.

    Submission Date: December 8th - 22nd
    Calculations: December 24th -31st
    Results: January 1st

    • In order to make a nomination you must be a member of XoO for at least 2+ months.
    • All nominees must be a member of XoO for at least 2+ months.
    • You cannot nominate yourself.
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