1. Alpha Starting March 1st! ~ Join the Usergroup Today!
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    Purchase your copy today and get into the Alpha that starts tomorrow!

    Whether you are playing or are interested in playing apply to the usergroup. Recruits please fill out an application.

    Our internal testers have stated the game thus far has been phenomenal and we have a LOT of support for this game so this will prove to be a very sexy division filled with a bunch of sexy beasts.

    For those who do not understand what Camelot Unchained is I will have a writeup much like I did with Crowfall posted ASAP. Until then wet your appetite with this information:

    • Complex statistic-based systems | require players to make choices. In our game, players can “gimp” their character, either accidentally or on purpose
    • Spell Interaction | Each spell cast can interact with everything in the world, and change based on that interaction. Enemy mages can weaken an Ice Wall by throwing fire-based spells or other runes that oppose Ice. An Ice Wall can be transformed by fire spells, which might result in it becoming Steam. That Steam can then be blown by Wind mages to harm other players.
    • Spell Creation | Players will be able to cast spells through a book or create their own spells mid-combat. Spell casting is no longer a boring click and shoot bur requires thought and mastery. Creating new spells and inscribing them into a spellbook is dangerous, and may fail catastrophically. Runes form the “core” spell, but players also have a wide range of other components that they can add to the spell, in order to customize their magic even further
    • Melee Creation |All abilities are created by the player, in the same way that magical spells are created by the player. Customize your attacks to AoE, targeted AoE, single target, etc as well as combining attacks in patterns.
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  2. Accomplishments and Expansion
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo Below is Team Omega's Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 3 Kill Video (T12) against the Immortal Phoenix. Below that is the kill video for Kaliya, a mechanical Hydra, and Imdagud, a mecha coreurl. The FFXIV Division is looking for a lot for people to be apart of the division for the upcoming expansion approximately 3 months from now. If you think you want to be part of this division, please do not hesitate to apply.

    Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 (T13) Boss - Bahamut Prime

    Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 3 (T12) Kill Video - Phoenix

    Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 2 (T11) Kill Video - Kaliya

    Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 1 (T10) Kill Video - Imdagud

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  3. Archeage Division Retiring
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo After a long list of achievements both world and server first we have decided to retire the division for good due to lack of interest and lack of leadership interest in the game.

    We started very strong with an immense amount of research and study into the mechanics of the game and how to get a good headstart at release. We managed to grab the land we wanted to accumultaed well over 25+ guides to help us become an early success.

    We overcame early obstacles with our day 1 massive 80v80 battle with DVS for a large illegal tree farm which we managed to retain and used to build our empire.

    After we battled back the DVS assault we decided to steal some of their wood and the battle between XoO and DVS once carried in PS2 transfered to ArcheAge.

    With our wood in our hands we built our first fleets and sailed to Freedich and we rolled deep!

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  4. What is Black Desert?
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    If you are interested in the game, feel free to join the http://www.xoohq.com/account/join-user-groups

    Black Desert is an upcoming MMORPG made by the Koren developer Pearl Abyss, a company containing individuals with 10 years of experience on MMO's.
    The publisher is called Daum. and will also be the publisher for the upcoming NA/EU version of the game.
    Unlike Archeage which runs on a popular engine (Cryengine 3) Black Desert uses its own, self-made engine, hand-crafted to deliver the best possible experience with the game.

    What is Black Desert?

    Black Desert is a massive MMORPG with a complete open world. Which means no loading screen or instanced zones, that includes dungeons as well.

    "Black Desert will be an MMORPG action game that uses WASD keys, mouse controls or combination of both, for example:Left click: normal attack (eg. fighter swings his/her sword)

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  5. Ironfist vs Xen of Onslaught Castle Siege VICTORY!
    Xen of Onslaught Division Logo This past Sunday we prepared for an assault on our castle by Ironfist. We made our preparations and went into the battle to fight our adversary. After an hour of battling we successfully defended our castle against the Ironfist assault and pushed back the invaders.

    Unfortunately even winning a battle has its tolls as both sides shelled out thousands of gold for the hour long battle. Castles at the moment do not seem worth the trouble they are to properly defend and the income generated is marginal compared to the cost of battle.

    Pictures and videos to be added.
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